I am the sole person responsible to make the decision to enter this media material into the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival (hereafter called LAFET).  I understand when I fill out this entry form and thereby enter this media entry in the LAFET, that I indemnify, release and hold harmless LAFET, its managers, employees, interns, sponsors, co-sponsors, individual and AMERICAN FETISH FILM, LLC (hereafter called AFF) from any liability related to the use my entry.  I further understand that by submitting my entry to LAFET and AFF, I indemnify, release and hold harmless AFF of any responsibility and liability, for any or all damages or losses that may occur to my entry.  I am the person responsible and give my express permission to LAFET and AFF to exhibit my entry at event which include but are not limited to judgings, previews, exhibitions, festival screenings, dvd and video distribution, television broadcasts, cablecasts, satellite down and uplinks, radio, and electronic on-line transmissions, webcasts and streaming of my entry.  The entrant further aggress that all right and permissions for any materials contained within the said entry, including all music rights, have granted and the entrant holds harmless LAFET and AFF from any and all disputes or claims that may arise from these rights and permissions granted.  I give my permission to exhibit my entry at the festival screenings of the award sinning entries and authorize LAFET and AFF to retain my entry and allow LAFET and AFF to include my entry for any or all promotions, compilations, screenings, webcasts and exhibition of the LAFFF, in perpetuity and further grant the right and permission to edit and use any part of my entry to promote subsequent LAFET’s.

The above Entry & Release cannot be altered and/or addended in any way or the Entry Submission will not be accepted for screening.


Title of Entry


Category                                                                Total Running Time


Format  (must be HD  H.264 on a flashdrive)


Video/Film/Media Producers Name


Area Code & Telephone Number


Address                                                City       State    Zip




Signature (Entries will not be accepted without signature)       Date

In 25 words or less describe your entry and include any photos of the production, DVD cover art, one sheets, postcards, reviews or publicity.






All the above must be fill out – no acceptions.  Print and fill out.

Make your check for $30 dollars out to:   American Fetish Film

Mail form and check to:   Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival
13691 Gavina Avenue     
Suite 551
Sylmar, CA 91342

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