LAFetFilmFest: FAQ

1.  My short film runs longer than 12 minutes.  Can I still enter it?
A: The festival director will determine if it can still be entered.   2 to 8 minutes is ideal.  Contact:

2.  What formats should submissions be?
A:  We accept both HiDef and Standard Def, as Quicktime files. Please keep resolution as high as possible. The ideal format is H.264.  Please identify the format plus any relevant instructions with the submission.

3.  What are the acceptable media types for submitting my video files?
A:  Your video should be sent as a H264 on a USB flash drive.

4.  Can my submission be in the format of motion picture film?
A:  Yes and no.  It can be shot on film, however it must be converted to a digital format prior to submission.  We do not do the conversion.

5.  I don’t have model releases for my project.  Can I still submit it?
A:  Under no circumstances will projects be accepted without model releases.

6.   My short has music in it.  Permission needed?
A:   You must provide legal documentation for permission to use any music included in your video.  We highly recommend original music.

7.  Will my video be shown at the festival?
A: We are going to screen the top 20 videos, either prior to the festival or on the screening nights.  We cannot guarantee that will video will be screened; but we shall make every effort to make that happen.

8.  My video has some sexually explicit scenes.  Is this acceptable?
A:  We are not looking for overtly sexual and/or pornographic material.  However, artistic nudity is acceptable.  Therefore, the Director of the Festival reserves the right to determine whether or not the content fits the style of the festival.  Think art!

9.  I’m a commercial company.  Can I still enter?
A: Yes.  We accept projects from companies and individuals.

10. If I’m affiliated with one the Festival sponsors, can I still submit a film?
A:  You may enter your video with the potential for it to be showcased, but it is not eligible for the competition.

11. What if my video is about the day in the life of a red high heel shoe?
A:  Abstract videos are accepted if fetish is the theme.

12. What is a blue movie?
A:  The blue movie emerged in the middle of the last century, and we’re looking for an artist’s emulated or updated version of the classic Betty Page or Irving Claw type of movie.  Do your research!  Running time must be between 3 and 12 minutes.

13. I want to do a documentary about fetish.  Can I enter?
A:  Yes.  We accept this genre.

14. Will I be notified whether or not I will be included in the festival?
A:  Yes.  All entrants will be notified via email or FB PM.

15. My video deals with gay and lesbian themes.  Do you accept this?
A:  Yes.  We encourage diversity.

16.  My film/video runs between 12 and 55 minutes.  Will you accept it?
A:  No.  But if we find it truly unique, we may showcase it.

17.  I have photos and/or art I would like to exhibit at the festival.
A:  Please email us regarding this request.

18.  What if I want to enter 2 or more videos.  Is there a limit?
A:  There is no limit to the number of entries you submit; however a separate fee plus all entry forms must accompany each video.

19.  My short is ready to submit, where do I find the entry forms?
A:  There are direct links on the SUBMISSIONS page.

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