Is both the Director and the creator of the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival. He has been in the film and video business for many years, and recently completed his debut motion picture AMERICAN FETISH.  “Fetish is growing so rapidly in our culture, might I say exploding out of the closet, that I felt – a celebration of artistic visions of what fetish is – was needed.  This is our first year, and we know it will be a fascinating learning and growth experience, so we decided why not and created the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival. Have fun!”


“In a male dominated world, I wanted to add artistic value and say something else, with a feminist point of view, not depicting woman as sex objects, but as powerful beings, expressing themselves through their bodies and their sexuality. This is the major aesthetic of alt-er-ego and the central theme of my work.  How we change when we are transformed into an image.  We are never exactly ourselves when the camera’s sharp eye is pointed at us.  We are altered by the act of being captured.  Fictitious reality or the unconscious?  A different personality always arises.  The photograph brings out the unconscious, the hidden aspects of who we are.  An instant, forever frozen in time.  Testimony of the other.”

Is a world reknowned published fetish photographer whose work truly exemplifies what the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival is all about — a celebration of fetish.

Dr. Suzy is an American sexologist, author, filmmaker, therapist, cable TV talk show host and cultural commentator.  She is perhaps best known for her TV specials on HBO.  Also for her ethical hedonism and ‘The Bonobo Way’, as well as her published writings on sex, love, politics and culture in various periodicals and magazines, and her own publications: Dr. Susan Block’s Journal, The Cannes Bla Bla and her weblog, Bloggamy.  Dr. Block is a sex therapist in private practice and works with clients from all over the world, using her “pleasure sex” therapy techniques to deal with various sexual problems, both in person and over the telephone.

Recognized worldwide, his name is synonymous with the word fetish.  Publisher & CEO of von Gutenberg Media, von Gutenberg is the number 1 fantasy, fashion and lifestyle magazine in North America.  Marking a continued resurgence of the fetish scene in the Bay Area, Erick is promoter of the von Gutenberg Fetish Balls in San Francisco which have effectively taken over from the well established San Francisco Fetish Ball.

Lifestyle and Professional Dominant, Master Liam is also recognized in the fetish industry as an Actor, Producer and Filmmaker.  “I’m know for my extremely sadistic and intense lifestyle.”  And admirer of artists and the creative process, Master Liam is a Performance Artist as well, specializing in theatrical demonstrations including but not limited to hook supsensions of the flesh and expert bullwhip manipulation.  “I work form Servitus L.A., a fully equipped, discreet dungeon, as well at a film studio (Snakeoil Media Productions) in the L.A. area.

A California girl, Olivia started out as a go-go dancer with a Bachelors degree in Communication — and has become a multi-talented, provocative, and sultry burlesque rock goddess.  Olivia has toured extensively throughout the United States as a solo performer at multiple nightclubs and art galleries.  She has also been on tour in Europe as part of the show Kubrilesque, a burlesque parody of  Stanley Kubrick films.  Olivia is currently part of Courtney Cruz’s Devils Playground burlesque troupe as well as the highly successful Star Warz Burlesque.

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